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Water Mold Temperature Controller

Water type mold temperature controller, also known as water-based mold temperature controller, is a device used in industrial processes to regulate and control the temperature of molds in various manufacturing applications, particularly in plastic injection molding. Here are key points related to water-type mold temperature controllers:

product feature

  1. P.I.D Temperature Control: Adopts P.I.D temperature control, ensuring temperature accuracy within ±0.1 degrees. It provides long-term temperature stability, high efficiency, and energy savings.

  2. LCD Display: The liquid crystal display directly shows the actual measured temperature and the set temperature, enhancing visibility and control.

  3. Intuitive Operation: The operation is intuitive, simple, and easy to maintain.

  4. Aesthetic Design: Features an aesthetically pleasing design that also saves space.

  5. Six Protection Functions:

    • Automatic Exhaust on Startup: The system automatically purges air during startup.
    • Automatic Cooling on Shutdown: It automatically cools down when shutting down.
    • Thermocouple Disconnection Alarm: Alerts in case of thermocouple disconnection.
    • Power Phase Loss Protection: Safeguards against power phase loss.
    • Pump Protection: Protects the pump against issues.
    • Overheat Protection: Prevents overheating.
    • Oil Shortage Protection: Guards against oil shortages.

These features collectively contribute to the efficient, safe, and user-friendly operation of the water-type mold temperature controller.

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