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Standard hopper dryer

The 3-in-One Dehumidifying Dryer, also referred to as All-in-One Compact Dryers, is a honeycomb rotor dehumidifying dryer that integrates drying, dehumidifying, and two-stage conveying functions within a single unit. The entire series comprises a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier and a downward-blowing full stainless steel Euro hopper dryer. The dehumidifying dryer can supply a continuous stream of stable -40°C low dew point dry air, ideal for drying engineering plastics with high moisture absorption properties.


Its appealing design, reliable performance, compact footprint, and easy mobility make it well-suited for various applications. The machine boasts easy mobility, and the machine unit can be replaced, enhancing its versatility and potentially resulting in cost savings in equipment.

Application Range

The 3 In One Dehumidifying Dryer is highly versatile and suitable for a range of plastic raw materials, especially engineering plastics characterized by high moisture absorption, including PA, PC, PBT, PET, and more. To cater to diverse production needs, it provides configurations with a dual-stage conveying system (equivalent to one injection molding machine) or a triple-stage conveying system (equivalent to two injection molding machines). This adaptability ensures effective processing of moisture-sensitive materials, addressing the specific requirements of various production scenarios.

working principle

The working principle of the 3 In One Dehumidifying Dryer is designed to address issues like shrinkage, silver streaks, bubbles, cracking, flow marks, and poor transparency in plastic products, primarily caused by insufficient drying before molding. Specifically engineered for high-moisture absorption engineering plastics such as PA, PET, PU, TPU, PC, PBT, CA, traditional hot air dryers fall short in completely drying these materials.


In practice, the 3 In One Dehumidifying Dryer reduces the dew point of the drying air to below -40°C, simultaneously controlling the heat blown over the surface of moist plastic pellets. This process effectively lowers the moisture content to below 0.02% before molding. The dryer achieves dehumidification and drying through a closed-loop system that thoroughly dehumidifies and heats the air.


The process initiates with a vacuum hopper drawing plastic raw materials into the drying hopper. The humid and hot air returning from the drying hopper is cooled and blown into the honeycomb rotor. The rotor, rotating continuously, adsorbs moisture from the air and desorbs it through heated regeneration air. This creates stable low dew point air. The dried air is then heated to the plastic’s drying temperature and blown into the drying hopper, establishing a sealed circulation for drying the raw materials.


In conclusion, the 3 In One Dehumidifying Dryer ensures effective material drying, mitigating issues in the plastic molding process and providing stable low dew point dry air to the drying hopper.