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Cabinet Dryer

Tailored for drying plastic raw materials, the Cabinet Dryer excels in handling smaller quantities of diverse materials and is particularly beneficial for plastic testing purposes. It streamlines operations by eliminating the need for frequent material and mold cleaning, contributing to time savings.


This versatile dryer extends its utility to post-forming annealing of plastics, effectively enhancing their flexibility, relieving tension, and ultimately elevating the overall quality of the end products. Beyond plastics, it finds valuable applications in preheating or drying processes for a spectrum of items, ranging from agricultural products like pollen, garlic, and tea to industries such as electronics, motors, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, baking, and printing.

Key Structural Features:

  1. A robust high-temperature air supply system coupled with a unique air circulation design ensures a consistently uniform temperature distribution within, guaranteeing reliable and high-quality baking.
  2. The stainless steel tray rack and efficient heat recovery cycle contribute to energy savings and increased durability. Additionally, the design allows for the simultaneous drying of various plastics, further optimizing energy usage.
  3. The inclusion of a 24-hour automatic timing device offers flexibility through pre-set drying times, enhancing user convenience.

Structure Diagram