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Central Feeding System

Central Feeding System

Our Central Feeding System Solution encompasses the entire molding operation, from the intake and storage of raw materials, color masterbatching, secondary material recycling, metering mixing, dehumidification and drying, mold temperature control, to the transportation of raw materials. It extends to the overall planning and implementation of water and electricity projects in the factory, streamlining the entire production process and enhancing operational efficiency.


  1. Dehumidification and Drying Combination:

    • Achieves stable and efficient drying of raw materials even in highly humid environments.
    • Utilizes a central dehumidifier with a closed circulation system for continuous low dew point dry wind.
    • Ensures thorough drying of high moisture absorption plastics, guaranteeing product quality.
  2. Hopper Dryer:

    • Evenly distributes heat in the drying material bucket for comprehensive drying.
    • Incorporates bottom blowing hot wind design and cyclone vent to enhance drying efficiency.
    • Features stainless steel material buckets with added thermal insulation, cleaning door, and visual window.
    • Equipped with a separate heating controller for setting different drying temperatures based on raw materials.
    • Offers drying material buckets with various loading capacities, ranging from 12 to 5,000KG.
  3. Raw Material Delivery System:

    • Facilitates convenient and rapid material changing.
    • Provides a strong, durable, and long-use cycle system.
    • Fast joints for optimal batching pipeline selection, improving overall system efficiency.
    • Enables feeding to multiple molding equipment pieces simultaneously.
  4. Material Suction Box:

    • Intercepts dried raw materials before entering the feeding tube.
    • Incorporates an interception function for directly transporting raw materials to the molding machine after drying to prevent exposure to moisture.
    • Optional dry wind sealed feeding function.
  5. Electric-Eye Hopper:

    • Directly installable in the material entrance of the molding machine.
    • Features an adjustable photoelectric inductive switch.
    • Centralized control of all functions.
    • Automatic raw material monitoring and vacuum diaphragm valve.
    • Ensures continual raw material supply to prevent the molding machine from running out of material.
  6. Vacuum Hopper:

    • Utilizes a high-sensitivity material position sensor for timely raw material supply and to prevent production interruption.
    • Features automatic raw material monitoring and vacuum diaphragm valve.
    • All hoppers can be controlled through the central controller.
  7. Central Filter:

    • Equipped with a large dust collecting barrel.
    • Utilizes high-pressure air for automatic cleaning of the dust collecting barrel.
  8. Central Console:

    • Monitors the entire feeding system through the central console’s operation panel.
    • Utilizes an LCD touch screen for easy control of all material buckets.
    • Allows users to supervise, manage, and operate every stage of raw material processing.
    • Displays set values, actual values, and alarm information for fault diagnosis.
    • Features a Siemens PLC controller for high reliability in the system.