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dehumidifying dryer

Dehumidifying Dryer

The Dehumidifying Dryer is an essential industrial equipment designed to efficiently remove moisture from plastic materials during the drying process. This ensures that plastic granules, pellets, or resins maintain optimal moisture levels, enhancing the quality of the final plastic products.

The dehumidifying dryer serves the purpose of removing moisture from plastic raw materials, ensuring the elimination of bubbles and achieving ideal mechanical, electrical, dimensional stability, and aesthetic properties in the final products. It is particularly effective for engineering plastics with high moisture absorption, such as PA, PET, PU, TPU, PC, PBT, CA.


Here are the primary application areas for the dehumidifying dryer:

  1. Injection Molding Industry: Commonly used to ensure the dryness of plastic pellets in injection molding processes, preventing the adverse effects of moisture on molded products.

  2. Extrusion Molding Industry: Used to control the moisture content of raw materials in extrusion molding processes, enhancing the quality of extruded products.

  3. Blow Molding Industry: Applicable to blow molding processes, contributing to improved transparency and overall quality of plastic bottles and similar products.

  4. Plastic Product Manufacturing: Used in the manufacturing of various plastic products, such as sheets, pipes, profiles, ensuring the dryness of raw materials and enhancing the quality of finished products.

  5. Engineering Plastics Manufacturing: Tailored for various engineering plastics, the dehumidifying dryer enhances their performance and quality in the manufacturing process.

  6. Plastic Recycling and Regeneration: Employed in recycling processes to improve the quality of recycled materials.

In summary, the dehumidifying dryer plays a crucial role in the plastic processing industry by effectively controlling the moisture content of raw materials, thereby elevating the quality and performance of plastic products.