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Extrusion Blow Molding System

Extrusion blow molding system to achieve automatic production mainly used in our products are: plastic crusher, empty bottle leak detection machine, suction machine and color machine.

Function introduction

  1. Plastic Crusher:

    • Function: Used in the scrap recovery system to crush discarded plastic products into small particles.
    • Purpose: Enables efficient recycling of waste materials, enhancing resource utilization.
    • Advantages: Through crushing, discarded plastics are recycled, reducing environmental impact.
  2. Leak Test Machine:

    • Function: Employed for leak testing of empty bottles, ensuring the molded plastic containers meet quality standards and preventing leakage issues.
    • Purpose: Detects potential quality issues in the product, ensuring the integrity of the final output.
    • Advantages: Early identification of quality concerns, ensuring products meet high standards.
  3. Material Vacuum Loader:

    • Function: Facilitates automatic material loading by using negative pressure to suction plastic particles from the storage container into the production line.
    • Purpose: Reduces manual intervention, ensuring a continuous and stable supply of raw materials.
    • Advantages: Minimizes human involvement, ensuring a consistent and stable supply of raw materials.
  4. Color Doser:

    • Function: Used for adjusting the color proportion of plastic particles, ensuring the final product has the desired color characteristics.
    • Purpose: Precisely controls the amount of pigment, achieving accurate color blending in the product.
    • Advantages: Improves the dyeing accuracy of the production line, meeting customer requirements for product appearance.

The synergistic operation of these key components forms an efficient and intelligent extrusion blow molding system. From the recycling of waste plastics to the leak testing, automatic material loading, and color blending during the molding process, each step is carefully designed to improve overall production efficiency, reduce human errors, and realize modern, intelligent production concepts. This not only enhances production efficiency but also contributes to cost savings and reduces resource waste.