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Plastic Crusher

Our innovative plastic crusher incorporates various precision blades such as V-type, claw, and flat blades, complemented by advanced cutting angles. This design allows for efficient and precise processing of large plastic blocks or materials with high hardness. The equipment rapidly crushes various plastic products into small particles, facilitating subsequent recycling, reuse, or disposal. Equipped with excellent crushing capabilities and reliable performance, it finds extensive applications in rubber and plastic molding factories, plastic recycling and processing industries, and plastic product manufacturing enterprises. It plays a significant role in the proper disposal of plastic waste and the promotion of resource recycling.

product feature

Versatility: Our cutting-edge plastic crusher is engineered to granulate and recycle a wide array of plastic materials, ranging from various plastic products to large plastic and rubber lumps.


High Efficiency: With remarkable crushing effectiveness, it excels in processing materials with high hardness, ensuring efficient and swift processing.


Customizability: Tailored machine models designed specifically for glass fiber materials can be provided upon customer request, enhancing the machine’s longevity and performance.


Reliability: Crafted from a single-cut steel plate, the blade frame ensures heightened strength and stability, underscoring the machine’s reliability in diverse applications.

Blade Type

V-shaped Blades:

    • Features: V-shaped blades typically have a sharp V-shaped edge, suitable for processing various plastic products and larger plastic chunks.
    • Advantages: With a larger cutting surface, they efficiently and quickly handle plastics of different hardness.
    • Applications: Mainly used for the crushing and recycling of plastic products.

Claw Blades:

    • Features: Claw blades have a claw-like design, suitable for processing plastics of various hardness and shapes.
    • Advantages: They possess strong tearing and gripping capabilities, suitable for handling larger, complex-shaped plastic materials.
    • Applications: Primarily used for the preliminary crushing of rubber and plastic chunks.

Flat Blades:

    • Features: Flat blades typically have a smooth surface, suitable for crushing various plastic sheets and films.
    • Advantages: Provide a smooth cut, suitable for plastic materials requiring a high surface quality.
    • Applications: Mainly used for the fine crushing of sheets and plastic films, suitable for recycling and reprocessing.

Crushing Process Material

Claw Blades

The claw-type plastic crusher stands out in the realm of crushing and recycling diverse plastic materials, encompassing lumps, sprues, pipes, preforms, trays, plastic drums, strapping, shoe lasts, and an array of plastic products. It excels notably in the crushing of large plastic lumps, rubber materials, and high-hardness substances, yielding substantial and effective crushing results.


Moreover, our offerings extend to tailor-made plastic crusher models designed for handling glass fiber materials. Specifically engineered for the crushing of PA66/PA6+20%-50%GF materials, these customized models not only enhance the machine’s longevity but also adeptly manage materials reinforced with glass fibers. This bespoke approach ensures both optimal performance and durability, meeting the distinctive needs of our clientele.

Flat Blades

The Flat-Type Plastic Crusher is exceptionally well-suited for processing the following types of plastic products:

  1. Blow-molded parts: This category encompasses bottle preforms, plastic bottles, oil bottles, soy sauce bottles, and other blow-molded products.
  2. Sprues and runners: Referring to plastic edge materials or cutting waste generated during the production process.
  3. Thin products: Including plastic films, plastic bags, plastic sheets, and similar items.

Additionally, the machine can be customized to accommodate the crushing of PA66/PA6+20%-50%GF materials, offering a substantial improvement in the machine’s lifespan. This tailored capability ensures versatility and efficiency in handling various plastic materials.

V-shaped Blades

The V-type plastic crusher has a wide range of applications and can be used to crush various types of materials

  1. Thin Film Materials:

    • PE Films: Including High-Density Polyethylene Films (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene Films (LDPE), etc.
    • PP Films: Encompassing Polypropylene Packaging Films, Polypropylene Plastic Bags, etc.
  2. Non-Woven Fabrics:

    • Suitable for processing and crushing non-woven fabric materials.
  3. Leather:

    • Applicable for crushing and recycling leather materials.
  4. Plastic Sheet Materials:

    • Ideal for the fine crushing and recycling of various plastic sheet materials.
  5. Hollow Products:

    • Specifically effective in crushing PET Mineral Water Bottles and other hollow plastic products.