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bottle leak detector


Linear leak testers serve as in-line defense systems designed for non-destructive empty container leak testing. They are versatile and suitable for testing a variety of container shapes and sizes, such as water bottles, gallon-sized jugs, and other plastic containers. These testers are available in single or multi-head configurations, making them adaptable to different production needs.

Operating as part of a bottle conveyor system, linear leak testers are positioned to test bottles in-line, in contrast to Rotary Leak Testers that function on a rotary turntable. As containers move along the conveyor system, a stationary or moving test head utilizes vacuum decay or pressure decay methods to perform leak tests on each bottle.

These flexible leak detection solutions find applications across various industries, ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. When customized for specific applications, linear leak testers typically offer flexibility and a cost-effective approach for conducting leak tests on plastic bottles.

Key Features and Functions:

  1. Pressure Testing: The machine employs pressure testing methods to assess the airtightness of bottles. It subjects the bottles to varying pressure levels, simulating conditions they may encounter during storage and transportation.

  2. Automatic Testing: Many Bottle Leak Test Machines are equipped with automatic testing capabilities, allowing for efficient and rapid testing of a large number of bottles. This contributes to enhanced production line efficiency.

  3. Versatility: These machines are versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate bottles of different sizes, shapes, and materials. This adaptability makes them suitable for various types of bottles used in different industries.

  4. High Sensitivity: Bottle Leak Test Machines are designed with high sensitivity to detect even the smallest leaks. This is crucial for ensuring that the contents of the bottles, such as beverages or pharmaceuticals, remain uncontaminated.

  5. Data Logging: Some machines come with data logging features, recording the results of each test. This data can be analyzed to identify trends, ensure consistency in production, and meet quality control requirements.


  • Beverage Industry: Used to test the airtightness of bottles containing beverages, preventing carbonation loss and maintaining product freshness.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures the integrity of pharmaceutical bottles, preventing contamination and preserving the effectiveness of medications.
  • Cosmetics: Important for cosmetic products packaged in bottles to prevent leakage and maintain product quality.
  • Chemical Industry: Used for testing bottles containing chemicals or hazardous substances to ensure safety during transportation.

Bottle Leak Test Machines contribute to the overall quality assurance process, reducing the risk of defective products reaching the market and enhancing consumer safety. They are an integral part of modern production lines where precision and efficiency are paramount.