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Linear leak testers serve as in-line defense systems designed for non-destructive empty container leak testing. They are versatile and suitable for testing a variety of container shapes and sizes, such as water bottles, gallon-sized jugs, and other plastic containers. These testers are available in single or multi-head configurations, making them adaptable to different production needs.

Operating as part of a bottle conveyor system, linear leak testers are positioned to test bottles in-line, in contrast to Rotary Leak Testers that function on a rotary turntable. As containers move along the conveyor system, a stationary or moving test head utilizes vacuum decay or pressure decay methods to perform leak tests on each bottle.

These flexible leak detection solutions find applications across various industries, ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. When customized for specific applications, linear leak testers typically offer flexibility and a cost-effective approach for conducting leak tests on plastic bottles.

1 station leak tester machine

2 station leak tester machine

4 station leak tester machine

6 station leak tester machine

8 station leak tester machine

12 station Trailing Leak Detector

Key Features and Functions:

Our linear leak tester adopts the latest detection system from the United States, featuring dual independent leak detection systems for each workstation with high precision and reliability, achieving an accuracy of up to 0.05mm. The control system integrates Siemens PLC and the latest detection board, coupled with imported original electromagnetic valves, ensuring the stability and reliability of the machine. The user interface is designed with a touchscreen, providing a large and clear display for easy operation.


The machine’s actions are controlled by imported original electromagnetic valve groups, and it is equipped with two sets of oil mist maintenance devices to effectively remove impurities and moisture from the gas. This complies with environmental and GMP regulations in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, ensuring the machine’s durability and prolonging its lifespan. The control system has the capability to store parameters for 6 product groups while recording total detection and leak counts.


For bottle height adjustment, we use a dual high-frequency sliding light pole, which is praised by our technicians for its quick, convenient, and accurate adjustment. The machine has simple operating functions, capable of independent leak testing or seamless integration into production lines for automated leak testing, tailored to customer requirements.


The machine’s speed is versatile, ranging from 600 to 36,000 bottles per hour, suitable for bottles ranging from 5ml to 20L. The overall dimensions are length 1520mm × width 800m × height 1800m, and the adjustable height range of the lifting frame is from a minimum of 610mm to a maximum of 1300mm.