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plastic mixing machine, plastic raw blender, industrial stirrer, and it is categorized into vertical blenders, gravimetric blenders, volumetric dosers, and horizontal/vertical color mixers. It is primarily utilized for mixing plastics and toner, but can also find applications in the food processing industry.

YC Industrial Plastic Mixer & Blender: Elevating Plastic Mixing Excellence

With over a decade of expertise, YC MACHINE proudly stands as a leading manufacturer of top-notch plastic mixers and blenders. Our state-of-the-art plastic mixing equipment, backed by a decade of experience, caters to diverse applications, ensuring seamless blending of various plastic materials.

Vertical Blender:

YC’s vertical blender stands as a pinnacle of efficiency, suitable for an array of plastic raw materials, color masterbatches, or granules. Its helical circular mixture ensures swift and uniform stirring. Equipped with optional heating and drying functions, including a double-layer thermal insulation Euro heating box for reduced heat loss, this blender excels in energy-saving and safety.

Color Mixer:

Our color mixers, available in vertical and horizontal configurations, are designed for the precise mixing of toners in the plastic industry. With a user-friendly interface, these mixers simplify operations, save time, and find application in the food processing industry as well.

Gravimetric Blender:

YC’s gravimetric blenders, integral to injection, extrusion, and blowing production, facilitate the proportional mixture of multiple materials. Adopting Siemens PLC control system, these blenders ensure accurate self-calibration during each start-up, offering easy and efficient operation.

Volumetric Doser & Mixing Device:

Also known as volumetric dosers or masterbatch mixing devices, this equipment is ideal for automatic mixing of raw materials, colors, or additives in specific proportions. Ensuring uniform mixing, it is a valuable asset in injection, extrusion, and blowing production processes.

At YC, our commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and user-friendly designs set our industrial plastic mixers and blenders apart. Elevate your plastic processing capabilities with YC’s precision-engineered solutions.