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PET Preform System

PET Preform System

Leveraging its robust technical expertise in plastic auxiliary machinery, our PET Preform System is designed to fulfill a spectrum of needs encompassing plastic conveying, dehumidifying drying, mold temperature and cooling, recycling material utilization, and color management. With the implementation of intelligent energy-saving control technology, we meticulously monitor the raw material processing process, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our approach allows us to offer customized systematic solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our customers.

PET Preform System: Key Components Overview

  1. Automatic Conveying System:

    • Stainless steel parts in contact with raw materials prevent contamination.
    • Flexible air conveying conditioning system adjusts conveying speed to avoid material drawing or dusting.
    • Solution for water cooling function minimizes risks of conveying high-temperature raw materials.
    • Sealed-cycle secondary conveying system reduces heat loss and hygroscopicity during the conveying process.
  2. Drying System:

    • dehumidifying dryer provides dew point dry air at -40°C or lower.
    • Intelligent regeneration function allows for precise dew point temperature control, reducing energy consumption.
    • Dew point temperature can be set for PET materials with high humidity requirements.
  3. Color Matching System:

    • Volume Color Masterbatch SCM for crystalline and non-crystalline material masterbatch materials.
    • Weightless color master machine SGD for higher proportion and accuracy requirements.
    • Production range: 0.2-32kg/hr and 0.04-32kg/hr, respectively.
    • Gravimetric Blender:

      • Special high-temperature weighing and mixing mixer design for PET crystallization.
      • Ethernet interface for data reading and automatic repeat calibration function for matching accuracy.
  4. Mould Dehumidification System:

    • Mould Dehumidifier effectively solves condensate water formation issues in molds.
    • Uses chilled water to shorten the molding cycle, ensuring stable conditions and maximum production capacity.
  5. Cooling System:

    • Chiller cooling system accurately controls temperature, flow, and pressure.
    • Products include air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and water tanks.
    • Variable frequency control chiller (SlC) saves 15% energy compared to traditional chillers.
  6. PET Moisture Content Online Detection:

    • 100 moisture content tester designed for detecting moisture content of PET raw materials.