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plastic horizontal mixer

Our horizontal mixer is equipped with dual-axis, counter-rotating blades inside the horizontal drum. The blades are strategically angled to circulate and stir materials swiftly along both the axial and radial directions, ensuring rapid and uniform mixing.

product feature

  1. Reduction in Gravity Impact: The rotation speed of the shaft, driven by the gearbox, combined with the structural design of the blades, reduces the impact of gravity on the materials. This mitigation of gravity allows for effective mixing, even when dealing with materials of varying particle sizes and densities.

  2. Intense Mixing Action: The vigorous stirring motion significantly shortens the mixing time, making the process faster and more efficient. The absence of gravity interference during mixing contributes to a thorough and rapid blending of materials.

  3. Effective Handling of Disparities: Even when dealing with materials that differ in size and density, the rapid and intense tossing and tumbling action of the blades, arranged in an interleaved pattern, ensures an excellent mixing effect.

  4. High Uniformity and Low Residue: The horizontal mixer achieves high uniformity in mixing, resulting in minimal residue. This makes it suitable for blending two or more fertilizers or additives for pre-mixing.

Our horizontal mixer stands out for its performance advantages, ensuring a seamless and efficient mixing process with high uniformity and reduced material residue.