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Standard hopper dryer

The Standard Dryer is a reliable and efficient industrial equipment designed for the precise drying of plastic materials. With features that prioritize uniform temperature distribution and user convenience, this dryer is an essential component in various plastic processing applications.

product feature

  1. High-Performance Hot Air Diffusion: Utilizes a uniform and dispersed high-performance hot air diffusion system to ensure even drying temperatures, enhancing overall drying efficiency.

  2. Bent Hot Air Pipe Design: The design of the hot air pipe prevents powder accumulation on the bottom of the electric heating tube, minimizing the risk of combustion.

  3. Stainless Steel Construction: All internal components and the drying hopper are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing that the plastic materials remain uncontaminated during the drying process.

  4. Separate Design for Hopper and Drum: The separation of the drying drum and the material hopper facilitates easy cleaning and rapid material changeover.

  5. Proportional Deviation Indicating Temperature Controller: Equipped with a temperature controller that provides precise temperature control, ensuring optimal drying conditions.

  6. External Power Switch: All models in the series come with an externally exposed power switch for convenient operation.

  7. Overexcitation and Thermal Release Over-Temperature Protection: Features protection mechanisms to ensure safe and reliable operation, including overexcitation release and thermal release over-temperature protection.

  8. Insulated Fan: Incorporates an insulated fan to extend the operational lifespan of the machine.

  9. Timer Function (For ZHD-100 and Above): Standard equipment includes a 24-hour timer for enhanced operational control.

Technical Specifications:

  • Heating Element: Utilizes mosaic-connected electric heating tubes for ZHD-25~150 models; other models feature a temperature protection device to prevent heating tube burnout.
  • Temperature Control: Proportional deviation indicating temperature controller for precise temperature management.
  • Timer: Standard 24-hour timer for ZHD-100 and above models.

The Standard Dryer offers a comprehensive solution for the efficient and controlled drying of plastic materials, ensuring optimal quality and performance in plastic processing operations.