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Water Cooled Chiller

The Water Cooled Chiller, also referred to as a packaged water-cooled chiller or water cooling chiller, stands as a reliable and efficient industrial cooling apparatus. Operating by circulating cooling water, it necessitates connection to a cooling tower or device for expelling the generated heat. In contrast to air-cooled chillers, water-cooled counterparts typically exhibit superior cooling efficiency and reduced noise levels. Furthermore, they offer flexible capacity and specification options to accommodate diverse process requirements.

Water-cooled chillers boast an extensive refrigeration range, spanning from 2967 Kcal/h to 139664 Kcal/h, and have the capacity to provide chilled water within a temperature range of 3°C to 50°C. This versatility positions them as an ideal choice for optimizing production efficiency and ensuring high production quality.

Working Principle

Within the water-cooled chiller system, a shell and tube evaporator play a crucial role in facilitating efficient heat exchange between water and refrigerant. In this intricate process, the refrigerant system diligently absorbs the heat load from the water, resulting in the cooling of the water and the creation of chilled water. The absorbed heat within the refrigerant then embarks on a journey to the shell and tube condenser, propelled by the compressor. Here, a meticulous heat exchange unfolds between the refrigerant and water, empowering the water to assimilate the heat. Finally, the dissipated heat finds its way to the external cooling tower through water pipes, a process commonly recognized as water cooling.

Application Industry

Chillers find widespread application across diverse industrial sectors, including plastics, electronics manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, ultrasonic cooling, and printing. Their role is pivotal in enhancing operational efficiency and product quality in various ways.
In the realm of plastics, chillers play a crucial role in the cooling of molds for plastic processing machinery. This contribution results in a notable improvement in the surface smoothness of plastic products, a reduction in surface flaws and internal stress, and a prevention of shrinkage and deformation. Moreover, chillers facilitate mold release, accelerate product shaping, and overall contribute significantly to elevating the production efficiency and product quality of plastic molding machines.
The electronics manufacturing industry benefits from the precise temperature control offered by chillers, ensuring optimal conditions for intricate electronic components’ production. In electroplating, chillers contribute to maintaining consistent temperatures critical for achieving high-quality plating finishes. In pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering, these cooling systems prove indispensable in various processes, safeguarding product integrity and quality.
Furthermore, chillers find application in ultrasonic cooling, a process vital in industries where precision cooling is essential. The printing industry relies on chillers to regulate temperatures during printing processes, ensuring the quality and reliability of the final printed products.
In essence, the versatile applications of chillers underscore their indispensable role in maintaining optimal temperatures across a spectrum of industrial processes, ultimately contributing to enhanced production outcomes and product excellence.

Product Highlights:

Scroll Compressor
Our range of air-cooled chillers exclusively employs scroll compressors, positioning the compressor as the central component in the entire refrigerant cycle system. Embracing a dual-flex design, the scroll compressor ensures a tight seal between the scroll discs. This innovative design allows radial and axial separation of the scroll discs, enabling the passage of debris or liquid without causing harm to the compressor. The outcome is a prolonged compressor lifespan, heightened reliability, improved liquid tolerance, and enhanced impurity resistance.

Shell and Tube Evaporator

The water-cooled chiller incorporates a shell and tube evaporator for efficient heat exchange. Within this system, the refrigerant undergoes evaporation inside the heat exchange tubes, while water flows on the outer shell side. To optimize heat exchange efficiency, a 2mm thick baffle plate is strategically placed on the shell side, inducing a back-and-forth flow of water to create ice brine.

To ensure a consistent operating temperature, the external shell of the evaporator is insulated. High-efficiency seamless copper tubes are employed for the heat exchange process. These tubes undergo a grooving process to create internal thread fins, effectively increasing the heat exchange surface area with the refrigerant. This technology results in a doubled heat transfer area, significantly enhancing overall heat transfer efficiency.

Shell and Tube Condenser

The water-cooled chiller incorporates a shell and tube condenser featuring internal copper tubes processed with an outer thread embossing technique. This design is strategically implemented to significantly boost the efficiency of heat exchange between the refrigerant and water.

In comparison to traditional smooth copper tubes, the outer thread embossing process serves to increase the surface area of the copper tubes. This expansion of contact area enhances heat exchange and improves the thermal conductivity of the condenser. The optimized design of the water-cooled chiller’s condenser enables a more rapid and consistent transfer of heat from the refrigerant to the water, allowing the water to efficiently carry away the heat generated in the process.